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Neighborhood Security

  • By Thom Bolsch and Ron Mullins

    In a previous article we discussed “How Safe is Your Neighborhood”, a study on the methodology of assessing community safety.

    So let’s follow up on that article and discuss how to improve neighborhood security.

    On the surface, we have a belief that crime happens in dark alleys in the disenfranchised inner city.  But in reality, crime can – and does – happen anywhere. 

    In the news, earlier this week, we watched as a lone gun man struck havoc in a quiet upper class neighborhood in Houston

    What was most interesting about this event is how the local neighborhood watch group stepped up and coordinated communications throughout the community.  Lives were saved as a result of the actions and engagement of local community safety advocates.

    The residents of that community took responsibility for the safety of their community and had plans in place to help secure and protect their neighbors and friends.

    A neighborhood safety plan can be as simple as just knowing your neighbors and keeping an eye on the street; or as complex as having block Captains and action protocols.  Every neighborhood is different and any plan is a result of the engagement of the residents and the determination of a few that will make things happen.  We need more of those few that will make things happen!

    As a start, do you know the names of the family that live across the street, to your left and right?  If not, let’s make some introductions.  Second, investigate/inquire if there is a formal program sponsored by your local municipality; if so, find the coordinator and introduce yourself – if not, reach out to and establish a grassroots program for your block.  Third, get involved, plan a block party, host a safety class, advocate for community security. 

    An active and engaged neighborhood is a fun neighborhood, it’s a safe neighborhood and you’ll have a neighborhood of friends looking out for you as you watch out for them.

    We hope you never have an active shooting, or criminal incident on your block; but if you have a neighborhood watch program in place, we are certain that the impact of such an event will be minimized.

    Stay Aware, Stay Safe,


    Note: For the next twelve months Ron Mullins will be championing a CPR Awareness Campaign to bring the life-saving technique of “Hands Only CPR” to The Woodlands Community.  If you’d like your group, church or office to host an awareness class, reach out to Saddle River Range and ask to be put in contact with Ron.