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I switched to RS3 from OSRS around 5 months ago

  • Absolutely not. RuneScape is different from how it was once Tutorial there came a island out in 2002. Contemporary RS3 can't have Tutorial Island because its tutorial to RuneScape gold get brand-new players, it just does not teach you enough about the contemporary game. The Burthorpe tutorial isn't perfect, but it's much better for absolute beginners. Island functioned for everybody, and is still relevant? That is it although if anything the battle needs to be updated? You and I concur. Also I'd rather get chucked in quiet Lumbridge and figure out things with the Combat Academy and Cook's Assistant till I get on my toes, instead of get thrown into Burthrope at the"action" so to speak.

    Lumbridge is a place. You can certainly do Fish Woodcutting, Mine and attack cows and goblins. Lumbridge is nice. You do not need to focus on everything. Then begin expanding into other skills and you started to venture out to cities and other towns. Together with Burthrope, yes, you are able to do all the abilities but I feel that's the problem. There are various things to do in RuneScape! Pace them out, and I am sure thr brand new player experience improves. This is a take frankly. I really don't like sitting through the boxes that are flashing along with the turorials I try games, I just want the basics and I'll figure out everything.

    I switched to rs3 from osrs. It took me about 4 time of saying wtf do I do to actually try it for real and logging. My first few days of rs3 was learning UI out of yt guides, gearing new coaching spots, guides, and skills work. Gotta say tho that I feel like I have a good grip on rs3 I really like it. However, I concur jagex can make the process alot easier. A tutorial in's and out's of the UI would be amazing for beginners. Would you mind sharing? RS3 because 2005 and I've been enjoying, but off and on a lot since I started working, so I'm still a noob, albeit with stats.

    Thank you to this comment! I logged in asking the exact same question but I'll definitely watch some vids before getting to my login. Sounds dumb but it took me long to figure out how to talk my friend rather than through the clan conversation. There are so many icons and symbols which it takes ages to figure out what they are.I've advised that for years how toolbelt shouldn't have resources inside when you make account. Character should spawn with nothing on them out to world of nowhere. Like in Animal Crossing, you make tools to set them. Lot of different games do comparable thing.

    EoC was half done(less than half) as it was published. M&S rework over half but almost completely ignored shed tables. Nevertheless after years you may find lot of issues although both was updates. When is DG supervisors hp raised? Probably never. Why coaching Attack, Strength and Defence don't have any gaps with melee(such as pre-eoc)? Could just mix Str+Att, and make Defence work just like hp(I'm not suggesting this). Veteran or not, everyone can find a lot of issues RuneScape has by creating new account and cheap OSRS gold trying lot of things.