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The torso is honestly the best" free" Body in RuneScape

  • OK, I have most of my things stolen so I've sold the rest and RuneScape gold I have 2.6mil. I want to get some new armour along with a whip and I am requesting your opinion on which I need to buy. I really don't want barrows because I don't want to have it repaired every few hours. Here are my stats: I had been thinking of this: -Rune plate and thighs, -Berserke, -Obby cape and shield, -Rune boots, -Whip. This will be about 2.3mil but my max to invest is 3mil because I could devote a bit more so that I was thinking of getting something different than the usual rune plate and legs. Maybe a dragon skirt? I really don't understand what I should purchase for the plate however.

    The torso is honestly the best" free" Body in the game. Along with the candy str bonus is irresistable, and that means you ought to really go get that, shortly... Kill cyclopses in warrior guild and work your way to a rune defender, Get tokens by finishing the power & defence mini-games inside the warriors guild ( easiest two & ur def & str are under 70 ).

    You then receive D-Legs & D boots / rune boots / climbing boots & some neitiznot helm ( better str bonus compared to zerker ). The thing about the Neitiznot is you have to perform a quite annoying pursuit to be able to use it, but like the chest it is worth it. The quest is known as fremmenik Isles. DDs + Whip along with a glory amulet and there you go. To round up... Ok... I know that there are other folks asking how to earn money on rs... well half of the answeres I see look to be for memebrs only, therefore what im looking for is a few manners for me to make more easy on f2p. Currently I bring in about prolly 20-40k a hour cutting yews. I am able to brg at a lil less with lobsters.Im also wondering when my char is decent.

    For melee I use whole rune with a schimmy and kite shield. So two questions here basicly... 1 is my char balenced decently. 2 Is there any better way for me to earn cash other than sellin yews? If so explain the process and estimated time until I get 100k out of it. Ok so my current goals were 70 str 60 att and possibly 65 array... With those stats combined with 40 def and 34 pray I'd possess 67 hp along with 73 cb... but if I dont get variety to 65 and say I dont level it whatsoever and only catch 70 str and 60 att...I would just be 72 cb. So basically what im saying that is better:

    Plus what additionally frees me leveling array is I have a ranger account together with 78 variety and 44 pray and 48 def... I can always just range on him, but the difficulties is that working 2 accounts will be wasteful... issue problem.

    I am wondering which of the following to do when I have the money. When I get the money what should I do? Keep My Dragon armour and Bandos Godsword and Purchase a Santa Hat. Sell my Bandos Godsword and Purchase a Dragon Total Helm. Sell my Bandos Godsword and purchase Bandos Plate, Bandos Tassets and rs2007 gold a DragonFire Shield. (I would still have a whip)