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Is NetEase or CCP currently controlling EVE?

  • Afaik Netease said they're less or more copying CCPs monetization with some small twists. I don't see why it wouldn't hold unless no money is spent by people on Eve Echoes. So you can be sure they will have a word in regards to such things CCP is protecting their EVE Echoes ISK For Sale. In terms of graphic updates. That is something that you may worry about in like 5 years if Eve Echoes still runs at the moment. Nobody knows if the marketplace to get a pocket eve is actually sustainable.and the AVG phone power growth appears to have slowed down massively. So when will an upgrade even be worthwhile?

    Also I'm not sure you're considering it in a healthy way. You TIME and more significantly should only ask yourself if it's worth your money. If so, game away. Any sport could fall from grace at any time. I know for principal eve has done that MULTIPLE times. Because they are a firm with a negative reputation I'm suspicious of NetEase. But I didn't want to phrase it like that due to the present political climate. I was just trying to gauge the community if people are cautious of the job so far.

    Yeah I had been hesitant but they are doing a really good job at Eve Echoes up to now. I think that their monetization seems fair and I pay $5-10 per month to support Eve Echoes. From what I've played up to now from the beta and the alpha, it's the closest thing to eve Online without being overly bloated to do. I can not wait to watch Eve Echoes evolve as they add things. Day one for certain and I'll be enjoying with. My point of not playing is being unable to sell something simple as veldspar.

    Funny how galaxy stole alot of assets from eve, came out long time ago, and still out there, despite being a cashgrab. Not as excited about this as I used to be. Revisted eve and its P2W. You can pay to skill faster and pay to buy everything you need. Im sure it will only be worse on mobile as developers know that they could get away with even more. You can purchase isk in eve not or whether it was valid. Buying Isk is not anything new to Eve Echoes. Players who are aware of what they are doing make enough isk to purchase what they need in addition to being able to pay for their game sub.

    The mobile version of eve (echoes) is being developed by a different company than the pc version. It will offer a free to play a subscription and client too. You couldn't always purchase skill. Couple that with Cheap EVE ISK purchasing isk simpler than ebay or whatever shit site and its more p2w than ever. The implication that you defended it is apparent. Stating that isk was available for purchase beyond Eve Echoes before them adding it and skill injectors was a sign.