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Since right now that conversation is happening in unethical dis

  • Many"high value" pvm monsters actually fall things that on the whole have an extremely reduced alch value. You may still make some cash but it would be a miserable state of affairs. The comparison in terms of alchables are all rune dragons that how to make money on runescape old school are locked behind a grandmaster pursuit and take a good deal of supplies to battle with every kill. The wiki puts them at around 1.5m/h. Than pickpocketing master farmers, That is 350k more. Nothing in RuneScape drops alchables at the same rate.

    As for how I would suggest fixing this. There are a whole lot of suggestions but I think generally speaking the jungle gear revs drop that is special should be buffed a bit while outside the wilderness. Perhaps even give them the complete effect that they have in the wild but at that the etherium price. Let revenant ether become a generally useful commodity a little like zulrah scales are and revs will nonetheless be content players want to do but now the market of RuneScape and their usefulness to players will determine how much they should be worth. Etherium piles as well so it's not like camping revs for a long time becomes any more suitable. The emblems can remain but should just be tradeable to get etherium and all the other drops revs have can be the exact same but only at about 1/10th the rate or quantity.

    Eventually I think the bracelet of ethereum should give resistance, not immunity, to revs and revs ought to remain aggressive to whoever's loot it's to dissuade tagging them. The capacity for revs to do harm makes rev killing a bit insecure generally. These modifications should have the effect of making revs helpful to players and creating their own profitability subject to RuneScapes market. Once that happens efforts to farm and command them act as inherently self.

    Is if revenant protection matches RuneScapes design philosophy and the way to legitimize or delegitimize it from that point. Some games really do seek to cater to clans along with the players. For a game like EVE mechanics where a group of gamers lock down an area and charge players for security makes sense. It does not. I personally don't think that it fits RuneScape's community or design but maybe the developers have ideas there. Perhaps the devs really do want the wilderness to be a place. Whichever way it is though RuneScape should modify. Either by altering the revenants in such a manner they cannot be locked down by clans like this, or introduced into RuneScape properly where clans can actually properly maintain an area like the rev caves for their own members. Since right now that conversation is happening in unethical discord groups out of RuneScape itself.

    If it developed there is not anything wrong with a paid security system in the wilderness. The fact that aggressive structures organize around content such as this makes it more interesting. If you do not enjoy it, then you may attempt to get your own group together to pay to get quest done in osrs overthrow the people present set up. I am really fine with the notion of paid security. It sort of adds to the mystique of this Wilderness being a land, not as there's no government to protect 38, part of any kingdom therefore a person would have to hire private police forces. If they are real world trading, they need to be banned. I like the idea as long just like the majority of things, as it is purely in-game.