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Anyone wanna help an OSRS fan get into RS3?

  • I am new to RS3 from OSRS as well, been playing for a few weeks. Feel free to add me Runescape game: mindful iron. I'm not an Ironman in OSRS gold, so perhaps we can figure out some stuff? Like I have been wanting to attempt societal Slayer for instance, and dungeoneering is great with different people and much more xp. There are a few pretty interesting""distractions and diversions" like guthixian cache that is super amazing divination xp that I only learned about. Otherwise, take it slow and do what feels like fun! It provides me a similar vibe to that which I was able to get when I was playing RuneScape back in the day and would go research material and only kinda figure it out! Especially I would recommend looking out mining and smithing because it is so much cooler. Most of all, enjoy yourself!

    Once you get a range of quests completed you can head into the varrock lodestone, there's a qp store there. For every 25 qps you receive, you can get a perish from her which will give a clue specific item and money. The lower tiers give a couple hundred thousand, so its very wonderful start up cash for a brand new account. Just note lower grade armor differs levels when you go to buy/make these (try mining and smithing if you haven't yet) as compared to OSRS. Try also as you get gear and focus on power armor. The harm increase will help you more than the armor loss all around.

    My suggestion would be to not try to figure it all out. There is an amount of content in this sport, with the majority of it being aimed toward the end game. Just take your time and have fun, you will slowly find out about everything as you proceed from one part of content to another. For the time being, have a peek at a few YouTube videos that are geared toward players. There are loads of them detailing what dailies you ought to do, significant things to get as a lesser level and the two short + long-term targets you should be putting for yourself. These will usually be"top 10" videos which suggest going for ancient game things for newer players.

    Aim to find the stat prerequisites for the end pursuit of plague. Additionally dont get hyped into the efficiency bs, it'll turn Runescape into only a job or job. My goal is to get my last few 99s quit Runescape. I'm 26 and honestly the fun is being sucked out with mtx, the grind, and just overall accomplishments dont really feel like achievements. Do not get hyped from the efficacy bs - you are so perfect. I just got my first two 99's this week. Grinding at portable skilliers. I have been playing on and buy RuneScape gold off since 2007. It felt great for a while. I am currently levelling construction. Grinding at a skiller. After I've 99 I have told myself I am going to return to playing. At least before you had to go different places.