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I currently train at the giant spiders in sos

  • I usually get known as a defense noob by whoever I fight, even though I only have 70 defense. :aware: I typically win against anyone, but seldom against anybody over 100. I really don't use baskets, and the only prayer I will ever find myself with is Ultimate Strength (scarcely ever use this.) I do not usually use my Dds possibly, since I find it sort of cheap to use. I retained a little score of my wins/losses today (simply counting the lvl 85s and above ), I have a RS gold winning ratio of over 70% in the duel arena from about 20 fights. I usually hit 15s up and up, sometimes I will hit a 20-21 with no prayer/pots. (My strength is simply 71) I am aiming at 90 battle by next week. So, would you guys think about my setup pretty great?

    (I'd find a guide but there wasn't any map). I Plan to melee both the dogs and Tarn, here are my abilities and my equip (tips and guidance more than welcome)

    I'll also bring the Ectophial if I need to run for my entire life. As well as the 100 gp needed to access lender. I am thinking I probably need anti virus poison (am I right)... Should I bring pray pots? My personality has a battle level of 63 and 62 in non mem. I made him in 04 and played for a week and then made him to level 30. Then schools started and I forgot all about my personality and Rs.I proceeded on a three year Rs Hiatus,Then straight back at the november of 07, I started Playing and raised my personality to my current level.Won't SOMEONE figure this out for me? Again, I'm searching for the amount of individual places (3 spots to build seats, 1 place to construct a curtain, 1 table, 2 benches, 3 decorations, etc.). Since I'm not a part, I can not figure out, but I need to plan on turning into a member and want to know how many of every raw material to collect. Since no one has a guide that detailed, I can't figure out the information. Either my information is wrong or the guide is incomplete. Either way, I'd like help determining the cheapest and best way to attain levels in building, without tearing down and building the identical thing again and again and over.

    So hey guys I had been thinking of being a mem shortly after my b-day march 16. So I was wondering how large I should get my stats for a good combater when mem. I was thinking of purchasing a whip then obtaining a rune defender at the warriors guild. So my real question is what if get my stats into to use the whip/defender for good killing. I see ppl who have whips that only hit like 10s but I want to strike like the ppl from the 20s.

    I currently train at the giant spiders in sos. I receive about 25k exp per hour but that is for f2p. And I have never been a member so you might also recommend a monster to train when a mem for quick exp that will be nice ty for one personally! Also when I turned into a mem I will set a post and anybody who would like to do castle wars or some other combat connected mini-game can contact me put that article so look for cheap RuneScape gold this later on. I am also getting enough things to get to like 75 fletching so in the event that you would like to fletch together when member put that in my post when I say I'm a mem! Ty again!