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They needed to make the vast majority of the game

  • Nah, it was said by Aya Kyogoku (director of the and new foliage, which nintendo unfortunately don't understand ) and Nogami that the Animal Crossing New Horizons Items upgrades would be affected by covid, which explains why they had to slow down.

    New Leaf came out in Nov 2012. Thats about 7 years of potential development but its like they didn't start until the Switch published (I understand AC and Splatoon share some people but nevertheless ). I dont find them adding a whole lot more to the main gameplay formula. Much like they'll focus on fine-tuning existing features and build up/polish them. Loosely related to AC but anybody else overlook My Sims?

    Remove is the wrong word. They simply didn't re-implement them, yet. If they might have with maintaining the same development period they would have.

    They needed to make the vast majority of the game from the ground up. Developers weren't spending time removing attributes, they were spending time adding features.

    The group that does AC did Splatoon and Splatoon two, and additionally updated New Leaf using the welcome amiibo upgrade which was large. It's not like that they did nothing but make New Horizons for 7 years.

    Yes, I pointed out the Splatoon item. And I think you are misunderstanding my comment. That's clearly obviously based on the finished item. I had been marginally creating the opposite statement really. That it's weird that the game feels half baked since they had 7 years between titles, even with a number of the group on other projects.

    I love NH but it's the very first animal crossing game I have beaten regarding paying off my home before we even made to autumn.

    Now money is futile so the loop has been broken.

    I haven't loaded it up in ~4 months and whenever I think of it I do not really understand what I would accomplish in buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells it.