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Mining- Small opportunity to get two ores simultaneously

  • Mage Training Arena currently gives you additional experience into the standard experience you get, if it doesn't cost you whatever everyone would be here before they got 99 Mage, had complete Infinite, several Mage Books and RS gold all wands. The Wilderness Mage Arena is simply employed for being able to obtain the"God" charms. There has to be some prices so as to get the Cape, and God Staves. Pest Control currently gives you expertise although not as much as it used to, the experience is already decreased. However if Runes were supplied everyone would be ancienting because there is a slew of animals simultaneously.

    I have had my skill cape for some time now and it seems to have no other purpose except to flaunt that you have a skill at 99. I discover my passion cape is far better than it pretty much every circumstance. So I was just thinking that It would be nice if each individual ability cape had a result or stat that would be advantageous to that stat. Now I don't understand how to be fancy with all the forum stuff so I'll just make it simple. Strike - +5 to stab and slash (I had been thinking just slash like the warrior ring but would limit it to particular weapons.)

    Strength- +5 to strength bonus combined with +5 crush. Defence- An extra +5 to all the defences. (that is inserted on to the 9 so a total of +14 on all defences) Hitpoints- Heal somewhat faster. Agility- I was believing lower your weight by 5kg though there might be better options I did not think about. Structure - Less price for planks/rooms. Cooking- I had been thinking less opportunity to burn but at 99 you probably won't burn anyway. (Cook quicker is also an fantastic idea people have indicated ). Any thoughts?

    Crafting- Less thread utilized. Fishing- Small chance on catching two fish at once. Fletching- Again, not sure. Any thoughts? Herblore- More opportunity for herb drops. (I could not consider anything better. Ideas?) Hunter- Less chance for the hunter critters to watch you/escape.

    Mining- Small opportunity to get two ores simultaneously. (Mine quicker is probably a better idea that was suggested.) (I had been originaly believing more chance of gems but not sure.) Runecrafting- Little chance of doubling the runes you're making.

    Thieving- Less chance to fail. (Could also be more chance of having a better reward not sure how thieving functions with cheap OSRS gold rewards though) Woodcutting- Small chance to get two logs simultaneously. (Wc quicker is probably a better idea that was indicated ) Firemaking- Fires last longer. (please note these will be inserted on to the +9 defence that all the capes have and also the trimmed capes the + prayer)