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Can questions and codes be combined?

  • Another matter with megathreads that rely on images, there is no way to view images at this moment, so the Animal Crossing New Horizons Items user would have to upload the pictures off themselves and post it. Which may be a huge hassle.

    Can questions and codes be combined? People already place their codes in the questions thread despite the rules anyway. Or make the codes thread its own daily/weekly scheduled article with the other ones and keep the questions ribbon. I think those threads are fine and all, but the fact that they take precedence over important news or events is bizarre.

    I mean it's your choice. Do you want more rules and to have to monitor the subreddit more? Or do you want to leave it as is and continue to risk the hostility in the comments on the more controversial posts like the memorial + edited pics posts, which would also have to be tracked more?

    Or do you want users to get the expectation that everything they need can be located in some specific threads on a particular program? I think it works out well for another subreddits that do it. And frankly, to me, setting up automod to conduct the threads then simply tracking the lower volume of posts sounds like much less work.

    Regardless of the fluffy nature of the game, this community can be incredibly rabid when something that they don't like gets posted. I report those things as I view them, but I see the toxic posters continue to post here and wonder whether it even does some good. Like I reported somebody who had been all over a thread telling people to eff off and stuff a few weeks back and they had been posting another day just like nothing had occurred. You can't ever make those kinds of people/situations move away, but you can attempt to lower the possibility of these occurring by structuring rules and things around them more clearly.

    Another option is a broader flair system, but people browsing reddit via certain means do not even see dash unless they expressly allow it so you'd need to accept that has been flawed in the get-go.

    Ultimately I don't think any specific subjects or articles within this sub have to be prohibited. I think they need to be ordered in a manner that users who do not need to see them can choose to filter them out or dismiss them.

    I feel like blending codes and questions would be a little bit of a mess, personally. If you do see codes from buy Animal Crossing Items the questions thread they can be reported and we could clean them up when we see it. Also, as for news events, we do tacky Update Megathreads whenever they come about. Could there possibly be like pre-update stickies/update statements? I believe so. But honestly, I would like to free up a tacky slot eventually.