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Thanks. It is just as soon one criticizes a direct

  • Thanks. It is just as soon one criticizes a direct, there is always a bunch of Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells people prepared to call you out. Again, I'm not mad or even that frustrated. Just. . eh. I mean, the mention of BoTW 2 was such a tease. And we got. . what? . 2 new games from Nintendo.

    The Direct was supposed to concentrate on the first half of 2021, but they spent a great deal of time on matches which aren't coming out this year in any way.

    The first-party representation was weak. Where would be the Nintendo games? They had to mention a game that's already released (Super Mario 3D World) just to add padding to this Direct. Skyward Sword is cool and all, but that is only one match up to now this year, and it is going to be a 60 port.

    I just don't think about Mario Golf once I think of Nintendo. As far as first-party franchises go, I still think that one's pretty weak.

    Splatoon 3 isn't coming out in 2021. I'd have rather seen something else I can get excited about right now.

    Besides that, I buy Nintendo consoles for the Nintendo games. Apart from Skyward Sword, I didn't see any heavy-hitters out of Nintendo.

    I was hyped for this direct but it did nothing for me. All the matches I'd be excited for I can get sooner, cheaper, and in better quality (Outer Wilds) or I'd otherwise be considering getting (SS, Mario Golf) should not be $60 IMO.

    Ever since I got a PS5 I haven't actually touched my switch as why would I spend $60 to a 10-15 hour game when I can spend $10/month for PS Plus and buy 3 new really excellent games a month and the PS Plus set which is all AAA games for free. It just doesn't make sense from a consumer perspective

    I am still eagerly anticipating the Pokemon direct. Hopefully they step it up from Sword and Shield that was fair at best. Nintendo games have a certain Kind of magic which you can not get anywhere else but I'd also be lying if I said Nintendo made it easy to become a fan most of the time

    I have been thinking along these lines, also. Just ready for something new. I've been trying to grab a PS5 or an Xbox collection X for a couple months (no luck so far). I'll still keep my Switch round for whenever BOTW2 comes out or possibly Odyssey 2 or Animal Crossing Items For Sale another very exciting games, but I am quite excited to branch out a bit and try out these Netflix-style game catalog streaming items. I believe that it's where gambling is headed and it's really consumer friendly.