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Y'all are an inspiration for me to stop lurking

  • Counter point: Imagine if GameStop is planning to issue more stock to the people that shorted them at current market cost? Well if they did that, the Animal Crossing Items company becomes financially ready to reevaluate itself as well as the stock might actually become value what market cost is. $15 Billion to get 50M stocks is a great deal of money afterall. Am I the only one who's wondering why GameStop hasnt said a fucking word about anything? I like the stock.

    Y'all are an inspiration for me to stop lurking and start teaching myself. I sadly cannot buy the inventory cause broke bitch. I may simply be effective at a singular share in AMC because I cant afford much else. The pandemic, student debt and my own medical issues have hurt me financially and I'm only gonna attempt it after I know I am fine on meals. But in solidarty of those who could get inventory with $GME: Hold that inventory with???? And take the bitch to the moon

    I'm a boomer, born in 1960. I lost half of my investments in 2000 if the dot com bubble was shorted into oblivion. I was able to build it back up to double the amount during hard work and sacrifice. In 2008 the real estate debacle happened and the market was once again shorted practically out of existence. It's a concerted attempt by the banks banks and hedge funds to steal government elections and money as well as our private money. The government has created a retirement accounts system for us the relies solely on the stock market to build our future . I'm within a few years of retirement now and if I can stick back it up their bum and get rich doing this, I am proud to join you retards and combat these assholes. I'm with you into the end, diamond hands!

    It was alright I guess? Some of the games that interested me were the Octopath Travelers type game (The name for it was so dreadful I forgot it ) and when the rates are right, I would pick up Miitopia and Mario Golf (Not to get a complete $60 that is for sure). I was incredibly disappointed with Skyward Sword, not Due to the game itself but because I was anticipating a Super Mario 3D All Stars type thing for it where you get Ocarina of Time, Majors Mask, and Skyward Sword in a $60 package or at least vents of Windwaker and

    Twilight Princess in the Wii U along side Skyward Sword.

    Right? Switch is popular and also to be honest a few of its games are a few if the most entertaining I've had gaming but this console feels like buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items a disappointment / has hardly tapped it has potential overall, there's just so much junk from the shop and much too many ports vs new entries.