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Rocket League developer Psyonix has come on document and discov

  • Earlier this week, we pronounced that Infinity ward had quietly up to Rocket League Trading date Call of Duty Warzone at the Xbox Series X with 120FPS support. The CoD Warzone at the PlayStation 5 runs thru PS4 backwards compatibility and is locked at 60FPS. PlayStation five supports 120FPS on COD Black Ops Cold War however not on Warzone. It highlights an issue with how Sony is handling backwards compatibility.

    Now, Rocket League developer Psyonix has come on document and discovered that patching PS4 video games at the PS5 is harder as compared to patching Xbox one games on the Xbox Series consoles. According to a record from Eurogamer, the studio found out that adding support for 120FPS on the series consoles handiest requires a minor patch even as the identical calls for a new port for the PS5. It is related to the backwards compatibility method observed with the aid of each consoles producers.

    The studio defined that they could not develop 120FPS help for PS5 because of time constraints because the studio become operating on the new match gadget. Rocket League was lately made free for anybody, so the studio become operating on updating its servers for extra site visitors.

    The loss of 120FPS aid can also be defined by way of LOLGA the truth that Sony constrained its PS4 consoles to run at either 4k or 1080p resolution at 60FPS or less. On the other hand, Microsoft delivered guide for VRR, 120FPS, and 1440p at the Xbox One consoles.