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The main disappointment is villager dialogue

  • I am on Animal Crossing Bells the boat that believes that this team genuinely updates the sport for free because they could not get everything they wanted performed by launching date. I think other games/publishers may be predatory, such as EA, when they provide dlc before the matches are launched, as well as chances to microtransactions.

    I played the game a lot and while I love the capacity of this but I believe the sport is sloppily made and predatory since they pushed heavily for folks to find online subscriptions (such as your island is secured on particular colors, if I want something pink I gotta commerce ) and locked items and lately villagers behind a paywall (you gotta purchase amiboos to get Sanrio villagers and things ).

    The main disappointment is villager dialogue and buy Animal Crossing Items personality, they're essentially equal to each other based on character type and hobby and although some grow on you it is still quite underwhelming. In addition, I think"Free updates" is a bizarre flex since it implies that we are lucky we don't have to cover things that really should have been there from the beginning (like more layout slots and storage expansions).