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Others believe it is LeBron James

  • NBA 2K gamers trying to develop their MyTeam have several cards back from NBA 2K21 MT the combination through new packs. On Wednesday (Mar. 4), NBA 2K20 Flash Super Packs arrived in MyTeam bringing all-time greats Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Here are the latest details on who is available through these new packs and related costs. If it comes to the best of the best in the NBA, many believe that to be Michael Jordan.

    Others believe it is LeBron James. Fittingly, both all time superstars have the best of those cards available from the NBA 2K20 Flash Super Packs. The Galaxy Opal MJ is a potential arbitrary pull for MyTeam lovers. The card features 21 Gold and 38 Hall of Fame Badges for players to place to use as part of a star-studded roster. It's currently selling for over 200,000 MT in the Auction listings on PS4.

    In addition to this MJ GO card, gamers can look for Cheap 2K21 MT a potential LeBron James Pink Diamond in these packs. LeBron's card is also full of badges with 28 HOF and 30 Gold. Amongst the HOF Badges are Volume Shooter, Floor General, Acrobat, Difficult Shots, Green Machine, Deadeye, and Deadeye. LeBron's PD card is selling for nearly 300,000 MT in the PS4 Dollar listings, as of this report. However, some players may prefer to gamble on buying packs to see whether they could pull a high card.