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And you lose 1mill....well here is my thought

  • I happen to know alot about real world trading and RS gold autoers,and how they work (I've LOOKED at the programs and websites and tutorials of how they operate,not really used them,just looked at video's screenshots etc.. ).And from my experiance,analyzing and logic here's a thorough guide on how jagex can stop autoers and gold sellers!

    Drop party solution. Ok,you finally after soooo long obtained that cape of acomplishment!Or 100 combat!or the fire cape!And how can you celebrate?You possess a MASSIVE drop party with your pals! "But no,I can not due to the new update!What ever shall I do?I know!I'll only use the fantastic old falador party space!" *Minutes after at the room area *"Well here we are!

    "And you lose 1mill....well here is my thought:

    I happen to know from jagex's upgrades which the real world dealers nomrally make new,noob accounts due to there origanels being banned or just doing it to get a living!And if they create new accounts. . .they would have to cover associates....So have a members only drop room where the entire place is not alerted!But wait!Then it's unfair on f2p,so lets have it built in our houses!It ought to buy OSRS gold be in a fairly high level so that the spiders can't only make one,this can stop almost all of them,however if you have cash to purchase gold,you've got cash for members.