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In f2p worlds, mages and warriors dominate the battle

  • Finally the thing they do against real-world trading! I mean later on there will be a 3k limitation to OSRS gold trading. Everything has dropped its price. So we buy Gr8 Axes for approximately I dunno 2mil? (im f2p) and this new upgrade will make it cheaper, now I know its good for buyers however, the seller is going to be the one ripped off, so I suggest that the barrows is a big challenge and they deserve a good price because of their findings! The 3k limitation has also turned over the pleasure of staking.

    People made money from staking but ... good luck! So I just wanna say... JaGeX I enjoyed runescape but now... there is not any point. . .pick up your own game! If you have any ideas please comment!

    In f2p worlds, mages and warriors dominate the battle. Rangers NEED additional tools. Here is my idea to balance the f2p combat triangle. The Fletching Ability. Ok, all three combat classes have a skill to make armor and weapons. Warriors have smithing, mages possess runescrafting and rangers have crafting and fletching. My notion is to earn fletching f2p. Then, all battle classes can create thier own armor and cheap RuneScape gold weapons. I believe freeplayer should get bronze to rune, however with no tips, enchantments, or poison. Ok, now a new update.