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An inside and out glance at the Google update

  • Promoted as the biggest change to Google's landing page for as long as twenty years, Google's new landing page feed has been turned out to portable clients in the US, with an overall rollout impending (we as of now have it in the UK). Digital Marketing Company Southampton is probably going to then envelop Google's landing page on work areas also. The long and the shy of it is that under the inquiry bar Google have added a customisable feed to their application, giving fast admittance to your most preferred substance.

    What precisely does it do?

    Do we see this taking off?

    Is it one more endeavor by Google at online media?

    How might this effect advertising, different sites and applications?

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    Digital Marketing Agencies Bournemouth have amalgamated the entirety of the data accessible (and had a play on the feed ourselves) to give you a profound jump into Google's new look:

    Google feed arrangement

    Getting Set Up

    Open the Google application on your android or iphone and you ought to be given your typical Google landing page, in addition to a source of inspiration at the lower part of the page for Google's new feed. Tap on the CTA and you will be taken through what for me was a two phase measure, including an introduction page of Google's 'dynamic feed, obliged you' and a sync with your gmail account.

    It's as simple as that. Clearly there is somewhat more work to be done on the off chance that you need to tailor your feed totally however Google as of now have a worryingly enormous measure of data on you at any rate so you will most likely find that your feed as of now bodes well!