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How to use OSRS gold to be better?

  • Wall climb- You grab a rope dangling from a top wall and climb over the wall- agility and strength- if you fail you lose your grip and fall back to the ground where you could possibly take two damage-you will also need to OSRS gold restart the wall. Metal Ball-You must get a heavy metal ball and then haul it over into a switch and place it at the switch which will open a doorway so you might continue- requires durability - if you fail you may drop the metal ball, where it will land on your characters foot, making him leap about holding his foot , after that pick the ball up again and keep.

    Light Wooden plank- You focus your equilibrium and make yourself light so that your weight does not violate the plank-agility-if you fail, you may either fall off the plank, or the plank will snap in half, sending you into the pool of mud that awaits below. Monkey Bars-old fashion playground monkeybars-agility-if you fail, you fall and smack in the ground

    Rock Throw-your character throws rocks at a turn on a wall over a door, which will open the door-strength-If you fail, the rock just misses and you keep throwing stones till you hit the switch. Vine and Zipline-You climb a vine up to a stage, where you slip down a zipline-agility and strength-you fail because the vine snaps (causing to autumn and take two damage) or when you slip down the Zipline and slam full-force into the wall in the end (which causes 3 damage)

    I think F2P deserves one monster that's at least decent training and Cheap RS gold gives some rune and addy drops every now and then, without the possibility of experiencing a rev abruptly appear and possibly own you.