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I am afraid they can not hold back him forever

  • What happened ? We couldn't hold him back. Where's he now? He escaped the pit... he is now descending on the town of Varrock... You have to stop him before he's there... but you will require those runes! At this RS goldpoint Fahkayarda provides you two new runes (10 of each): Space and time afterward expires and the pit goes black. If you're weilding your candle you should remain alive, but in case you forgot to deliver it your health will ddecrease by 1 every moment. Climb up the rope and you will be back into the jungle.

    A timer will appear in the corner of the screen, counting down from 3 minuets. This is how long you've got to stop the demon before he reaches Varrock. Run to the madness alter before your time runs out and you should see him. As soon as you set him, the timer will dissapear. Before he sees you, go under the spell menu and cast a new spell: Contain, together with the runes you recieved. When the spell strikes Kacnia it will compact him right into a little ball, similar to what happens to you when you teleport. He'll remain like this for 20 minutes. After he is a ball, run up to him and melee him. He will not have the ability to attack you. When he gets from this ball, run back from his melee range and throw contain again. Do this until he dies. Once he's dead, collect his bones (you can't bury then and they are known as"Kacnia bones) and then come back to the fortune teller. Quest complete. For beating this exploration you receive the ability to throw the charm contain and accessibility to the pit where you can runecraft Buy 2107 runescape goldtime and space runes (with 65 runecrafting). What do you think? Well for a start I will tell you that I've been granted permission by a mod to place this so dont tell me that theres a sticky for it.