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Change the fish you catch into a shark

  • Ok, so for anyone who performs tai bwo wannai tidy up, you know that OSRS goldyou can disturb broodoo victims when you hack jungle?well great players utilize their own weakness on them, thus slaughtering them, and they are not a problem.though there are players who dont because they either forget the weaknesses or just cant be bothered.

    Now every time a broodoo is left it doesnt only go has to be killed. They are extremely tough to kill normal styles, and with no weakness you can max a 3 on them.they will happily sit sentry and take charms at anybody walking by (frequently nature rune crafters) and usually getting really annoying, causing individuals to swap worlds always or try to kill the broodoo.

    My suggestion is that instead of individuals being lazy, and leaving the broodoo to frighten others any critters which are summoned by playing tai bwo wannai tidy are only observable, attackable, or harmful to the one that induced them to be summoned, meaning nobody else has to take care of a lazy persons activities.

    Heres an example player 1 is playing tai bwo wannai tidy up to find trading sticks to obtain a new machete. Player 1 hacks off at jungle, and a broodoo victim appears.he dismisses the sufferer and finishes function,then leaves the place, leaving the broodoo living. Player two is a nature crafter who utilizes the general store to unnote his pure essence to craft into naure runes. He's walking and his hit 3-5 times, using a max of 6 each by the broodoo victim.hewould now either attempt to kill the Buy rs3 goldvictim or swap worlds. Player 2 walks by on a nature run, but the broodoo is only aggresive towards the person that summoned him.anybody may attack him but he will just attack them whenever they strike first. Putting it simply: Broodoo is aggresive to person who made him appear, or individual who attacks him. He is not aggresive to people that leave him alone.