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  • Ok, I believe there should be friend request,but also have the ability to pm people without OSRS goldbeing thier friend. See like, You could only hit a pm button, type the persons name, then pm them. They'll also be like a pm history of time your logged in, which means you don't need to keep on typing there name.

    Trade Retailer: This is a box alongside your bank via a tab, like that of the recent shop update. Essentially, it is just like a normal trade box, except you may add items to the other player's box. You enter what you are willing to trade away, and put at the other hand what you want to have in return. This selection system could be made by means of a item lookup or something comparable. If the other person's mailbox is set up the exact same way (e.g., both individuals have the same things in their boxes to trading away and trading to), then the deal is approved without having to find a time to satisfy ingame. This likely will need some fine-tuning, but I believe it would be really good to have, seeing as not all runescapers are in exactly the same timezones. Fire away!

    The faint emote resembles your personality spins around once in a dazed fasion and then drops on the floor face down. Anything like being attacked like a monster or clicking somewhere else will restore one to standing position. While your character is lying on the floor other people would walk so it looks as if you're being trampled. Really fun! People could have'mass faintings', in which everyone will faint and lie there for everyone to see. This could probably generate some laughs one of the bystanders. :-RRB- Also, there might be domino events, people stand in a lineup and fall one after the other. If you Buy 2107 runescape gold have anything you'd like to point out, feel free to post.