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  • There has been a recent upgrade for the new farming mini-RS goldgame"Vinesweeper". You can see a full updates from it by following this link. The problem a lot of people are disappointed with this update. Many of whom have the Farming cape. Earlier this upgrade the Farming skill cape was very respected and hard to gain. This was mainly because of the price of seeds that you would need to purchase. This mini-game permits you to acquire Farming expertise by what may I add is a method that doesn't really entail Farming at all.

    Jagex initially brought out this mini-game, but it was too hard to finish. Jagex have made it a lot simpler to finish Vinesweeper with the following updates: All requirements to perform Vinesweeper have been eliminated. Everyone can play. The cost of flags has reduced when buying them together with coins OR points. The price of seeds in the Winkin shop has reduced, so that you are able to buy more with your Vinesweeper points.

    Players departing Vinesweeper with their flags can retrieve them from Blinkin at no cost, without being rewarded for them. The rabbits haven't been getting enough ogleroots in their diet and it's had some strange effects. The rabbits have Old school runescape buy goldgrown in size, which makes them easier to target using ogleroots. The Vinesweeper rabbits appeared to be quite fast at ingesting seeds prior to the farmer can get there or you could stop them using an ogleroot. To address this, you can now distract the fleas with an ogleroot in a larger space, allowing you to easily protect your own flags.