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After playing Runescape for a long time

  • Who are you and how do you know my name? I am Taurus, and I've been sent here from Azzanadra to assist you! How can I make confident that Azzanadra sent you? By this. Taurus will throw each of those Ancient Magicks rush attacks RS goldagainst the cliff (each one is going to splatter without a show of damage) Can you believe me now. I guess so. But what do you wish to help me with? To say the least, I'm a strong person, and can assist you to move barriers or anything obstructing your path. I see that you've already opened this door, but I am sure there will be larger and thicker barriers within this crypt. Alright, if you state Azzanadra sent you. Simply follow me.

    On Taurus (who'll be after you), there won't be a talk option, but instead a'Transfer Obstacle' option. If there isn't an obstalce in four squares of where you are standing, he'll say'There's nothing to proceed.' Enter through the doorway you previously opened. You will encounter a long pathway with sand-colored stones across the side. There are three'Fallen Boulders' at the center of the hallway, preventing you from passing.

    For each one you will need to use the'Move Obstacle' choice on Taurus. He will sucessfuly move . Additionally, there are seven cubes across the side which will deal 5-12 damage each time you walk (you can disable the seals with 53 thieving, which you will have if you've completed Desert Treasure quest). As soon as you pass the cubes, you'll be in a circular chamber with six doors. Enter the door in the left. If you enter any of the other doors, it Buy rs 3 goldwill say that they will not budge (if you use the'Move Obstacle' alternative on Taurus, he will say he can not move it.)