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The new 99 OVR Golden Ticket Player Reward is available in Madd

  • In the recent Madden 21 Ultimate Team, the Fan Appreciation program that attracts players the most is the Fan Appreciation program, which provides many opportunities for players to get various rewards including Madden 21 Coins and player items. These challenges will get by completing challenges and gathering stars to reach various milestones or levels. Among the prizes, players are most concerned about a 99 overall Golden Ticket NAT card. It only requires players to work hard to get a chance to get it, which is a wonderful reward.

    EA’s Madden showed his love to fans and kept the game alive even in the offseason. As many gamers expect, what Madden 22 they will release later this year, some people are still enjoying some parts of the current game. Therefore, EA launched Madden 21 Fan Appreciation on the 19th of this month, aiming to let players enjoy the last few months before the end of Madden 21. EA Sports MUT shared an animated GIF on Twitter to show the appearance of the launched event. The basic principle is that as long as the players select Fan Appreciation from the task list, they will go to an area for any challenge.

    Interestingly, careful players may find that these challenges are basically the challenges that appeared in the Ultimate Team at the beginning of this season. GIF also shows some reward levels. With 50 stars, gamers will receive 91 OVR Team Builder Pack NAT, provided that there is no auction or transaction. After reaching 60 stars, level 6 will provide 2,000 coins. The 7th layer will bring more coins to 70 stars. We jump to the 12th floor that requires 120 stars, but it will provide a free 99 overall 99 Golden Ticket NAT player for Madden 21 Coins.

    Players who still want to follow the event can log on to Twitter or check the news shared by GameMS. Some rewards are still worth fighting for. They’d better Buy MUT Coins from GameMS to get the items they want. Go ahead!