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Path of Exile: Rare items and functions in the game

  • Wraeclast on the Path Of Exile is a place without society; there is a Neanderthal paradise. There is no law and POE Currency to dictate how you should operate. Too bad, all the exiles from Oriath were dumped there and began to introduce the concept of trading. After that, people began mass murdering stones in exchange for shiny objects. This is not a joke, this is how the currency system works in Path of Exile.

    These rocks, called spheres, are the main way to determine the value of an item. The most standard one is the Chaos Orb, which has the most balanced rarity and is considered the main currency. What’s more complicated is that besides being currency, these spheres also have inherent value and purpose. The main goal is to collect usable spheres.

    The Ancient Orb is one of the most elusive currencies in the game because it was introduced in the Pioneer League in 2017, in the original and more violent days of the Exile, hence its name ancient. Aside from the jokes, these things are worth about 10 Chaos Balls in the standard version. As for their use, ancient orbs are used to recast a unique item into another item of the same level, which is useful for fishing flasks. It may take more effort to get it, you can also Buy POE Currency to get help.

    Chayula’s Blessing is another sphere, which was introduced through a lovely league called Breach, which broke through its way in the main game through sheer fun and craziness. This can only be obtained from Chayula herself in her own domain. It can be obtained by collecting 100 Chayula fragments and turning them into riftstones. Although its standard value is only about 10 Chaos Balls, people may be crazy about it because it can make the Breach project more powerful. With the help of POECurrency, you will not have to worry about the lack of POE Currency, they will solve all the problems you encounter.