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Path of Exile brings players more choices

  • Path of Exile rarely left anything, but continued to swell in the chaotic and dull river. Now, we find ourselves in the ultimatum. This alliance has a lot to analyze, so I will break it down into changes in the alliance mechanism itself and the entire game. Players need to get as much POE Currency as possible, and more POE Currency can give them a greater advantage.

    The ultimatum alliance mechanism feels like Ritual 2.0 in many ways. In any case, the point is that, like some of the previous mechanics, the ultimatum puts the player in front of waves of monsters. The ultimatum is divided into several rounds, and each round becomes harder and harder, and each time it provides better rewards. If you fail at any time, the reward will be forfeited. People can also buy POE Currency from POECurrency to doctor their own strength.

    This is a huge risk and reward mechanism because it provides players with many choices. Participants can not only choose whether to continue to the next round, but also choose which negative effects to apply to the new round. Some effects have little effect on a particular build, while others are completely avoided. By choosing three for each round, one can hopefully make an ultimatum that they can complete and reap the benefits, but this is not always the case. The number of rounds seems to be random, but the upper limit increases as the game progresses.

    There is another boss to fight: Master Judge himself. In every ultimatum, he usually laughs at everyone for their contempt or failure. If not, he may be very frustrated because of your success. In general, his personality is one of the highlights of the league itself. I am sure that this mechanism will be another in the list of core mechanisms. Finally, I recommend to you a good place to Buy POE Currency-POECurrency, they are always amazing and widely praised by players!