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Grinding Gear Games announces a new Path of Exile expansion

  • With a simple statement, Grinding Gear Games confirmed that it is already making a new expansion for Path of Exile. The most interesting thing is that the waiting time for materials should not be that long. After all, the developers confirmed that they plan to release everything in July. Experienced and old players usually purchase POE Currency in advance and then purchase the items they want. Anyway, some details on what players can expect have already been released, let's take a look?

    Use ExitLag in games such as Fortnite, Ragnarok, Counter Strike, and reduce latency by up to 70%. According to the text signed by Grinding Gear Games, the idea is to release the next expansion of Path of Exile a few days after the end of the Ultimatum League. Soon we will get confirmations and large-scale broadcasts through Twitch, in which the developers will reveal the contents of the game reservations.

    In any case, at this first press conference, the developer even provided some information, indicating that the next expansion will have a new challenging alliance, and the idea is bolder than the ultimatum alliance. In addition, new rewards, balance moves, and changes in certain aspects of the game were mentioned. If you are also playing Path of Exile, now is the best time to Buy POE Currency. Because POECurrency is selling POE Currency at the lowest price in the market, you can get more POE Currency at a lower cost.

    If you like this game, Twitch’s live broadcast is scheduled for June 24. The developers have announced that they will show everything in the live broadcast, from the name of the new extension to the new game mechanics that will be introduced. Therefore, it is worth noting the date in the calendar and pay attention to Grinding Gear Games' instructions regarding the presentation time. Path of Exile will soon receive another large content pack. Want to learn more about Path of Exile? Welcome to POECurrency, where you can also buy cheap POE Currency!