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Why Gun Control Threatens Our Individual Freedom!

  • Posted on August 29, 2015 by Gun Pro Deals 

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    According to the Second Amendment in the Constitution, the citizens of the United States have the right to possess and bear firearms. Despite that issues regarding gun control and gun rights have remained a matter of debate in local and national government for years.


    In 2008 the District Court of Columbia ruled that the Constitution has laid down the right for every citizen to have a gun for personal usage. However, this was not applied at the federal law. In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled and applied this law at the local level. This ruling helped lift a ban on gun possession in Chicago which prevailed for 30 years. This ruling is considered a landmark decision.


    Currently President Obama and many Democrats in government have shown interest in strengthening gun control measures. The reality lies in the fact that the enactment of the law is possible only when the law is applied at the federal level. Once the law is applied at the State level, all the states individually come up with distinct approaches to address the issues of gun possession, sales, permission, licensing, carrying laws and self-defense.


    Several states have enacted laws which permit a person to protect and defend themselves in public using guns and deadly force. Some of the states have implemented restrictive laws that are applied only when the shooter is in the vehicle, and other states have weaker laws that are defined through case laws and jurisdictions.


    Gun laws are distinct for different countries of the world. Countries like United Kingdom have placed strict limits about gun possession, whereas United States of America has modest limits.


    Many argue that possession firearms contributes to injuries and accidents. You can make that same argument about an automobile or chain saw but you don’t see anyone trying to ban their use.


    We feel that gun control is a method of repression used in the totalitarian governments. We feel that the potential repeal of our second amendment rights is an absolute threat to individual freedom, liberty, and rights.


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