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The Monster Whitetail

  • I took a guy out deer hunting during our general tag week for deer. He'd called few times about going out hunting and I said I would take him. I said yeah...I told him where and when...he was there on time. First morninghe shows up and he has a rifle and a backpack of calls. We get to walking through the hills...and by the way I live in Wyoming...we see our first group of Muleys...about 12-15 does and 2 spikes. Then he informs me he wants a monster whitetail!

    That changes the game plan just a little. So we head out of the hills and get down on the creek. We start walking and now he just won't stop talking...He wants that monster whitetail...I haven't seen a monster med range in our area for quite a few years. Anyway, we are walking the creek and his month shuts...he's whispering "look, look!" I'm looking and all I see is a whitetail spike and 3 does!

    Well...... hunters, he got his monster whitetail! I was trying not to crack a smile but couldn't help myself. Nice spike didn't even have eye tines yet! But this hunter was one happy camper...he'd outdid his wife by 2 points and that was all that mattered....and yes he is gonna get it mounted he said and hang right next to hers!

    So what may be a spike to most of us is a monster to a select few! 


  • Johnny Gearfire
    Johnny Gearfire This is from our good friend Bo Riordan who hails from Douglas, Wyoming. He is a local guide who owns a local range and gun store. He knows how to get out there and live the adventure.
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    Deleted Member Hi, nice to meet you, my name is mercy, I like your profile and i will be very happy if you can contact me with my email address( i can tell you more about myself and also share my pictures with you. I will be waiting for your ...  more
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