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"Common" Men and Women

  • What would you say or think if our current "president" thinks the "common man and woman are not able to manage or take care of their affairs without a sovereign leader!" And he doesn't mean GOD!  Who does he thinks that protects the common man, woman and childern? Oh....wait other common men and women! Who helps the commom men and women manage their affairs when they need help? Yup, other common men and women! Who does this president thinks defends this country? COMMON men and women!!! While certain people in washington, who don't think they're common, want to take certain rights from the "common men and women" of this country, but want you to give to the lazy and illegals that are here. they force health care on us, but tell ya not really! They waste "common" American lives to cover their asses and lie to the whole world that the "president and secatary of state knew nothing bout an attack on american ambassy! The president talks about racism, well maybe he should look in the mirror. The only sovereign leader, I know of, has a hole in each hand and feet and he walked on water!! I doubt that the that the white hating, don't like the ten commandment, non-christian, "the confederate flag caused it" president can walk on water unless it's a frozen lake!! and then i doubt you'll see his welfare and illegal alien loving ass outside cause it's to cold for him. But the "common" hard working american men and women will be!!! HEY I"M JUST SAYING what alot of people are thinking!

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  • Jacob Decker
    Jacob Decker Like my momma always told me.... I have nothing nice to say so I will say nothing at all! LOL
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    Deleted Member Hi, nice to meet you, my name is mercy, I like your profile and i will be very happy if you can contact me with my email address( i can tell you more about myself and also share my pictures with you. I will be waiting for your ...  more
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