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When are they ready?

  • When your child is ready to fire their first weapon? That depends on the child, my 4 year old fired his a couple months ago. Some parents want to wait. Why am I writing a blog on an old subject, well...... my wife and i got in this talk bout it. My 4 yr old can instruct you on how to disassemble a M1A1 or an AK-47. NOW I DID NOT SAY HE COULD DO IT! Or when I'm loading ammo to put on the market, he knows the steps that need to be done to complete the processes. Which I pointed out to my wife. Then the question, does he know where to point the gun? He showed her he knows where to point it and told her "down". Gun safety was the first thing I taught him and I still preach it to him today! Good enough? Negative on that ghost rider! She just had, "just" a couple more questions. Can he load his 22 rifle? Can he cock his rifle? Can he shoot it and hit what he's aiming for? Can he reload his rifle for the next shot? Well............. I answered with 3 yes and 1 no, And explained to her that if he could load it the first time, he can load it the second time. also explained that he's accuracy is only good to about 10-12 yards, but he's improving. also had to explain that he couldn't cock his 22 at this point in his life. Out of the woods on this subject?.................negative! The next question, well...... it was "where did he learn how to do this?"  And I'm thinking "SERIOUSLY?!?!" You need to know that we do just about everything together, Mini Me and I, we coytoe hunt, load ammo, clean guns or watch a movie together, he'll even go to work with me.  So, with a straight face I simply answer " He Read it in a book, honey." Now some of you may have similar talk at your house or not, hopefully not. But you'll know when your son or daughter is ready to go shoot a few rounds for the first time. Enjoy it, cause they grow up fast!!!