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Gott'a have one to go with the other!

  • I own a small ammo manufacturing business, S.I.S.R. Ammo. It's doing alright, like all business I want it to grow. Which bring me to why I'm telling you this. The other day, I was talking with some people about gun control and different matters. But one guy in the group, kept coming back to gun control. He said that if we took away the ammo, what need would people have for guns?  Then you'll have glory days stories to tell. Well, I ask him if he meant factory or reloading? He told me that if factories quit producing ammo, the gun sales would stop over a very short time. A new twist to Hillary's program if you ask me. Anyway at that point, I told him I sold guns and manufactured ammo. He picked his jaw up off floor and just stared at me in disblief! Yeah, with that look of "you're kidding?". And I proceeded to ask him if reloading was ok? Since he thought factory loads should be banned. He thought about it for a minute and responded "sure". I told him then that I don't manufacture ammo, I just reloaded ammo then. And believe me, he was prefectly ok with that. He doesn't have a clue what reloading is, after questioning him on the subject. Now before anyone who reads this ask, where was he from? I can tell you this, he wasn't from Wyoming, where I live! If any of you know about Wyoming, guns and ammo are, pretty much like owning a pair boots. you just have more of them both. Well, now that I've told you about a dumbass. What do people like that think is going to happen if some dipshit actually did that? I know what I'll be doing,changing the name of my business to "Black Market Ammo".My motto will be "I just reload!"
              People, we need guns and ammo! It's not a want, yes, you "want" certain guns and "want" certain ammo or reload your own and "want" certain powder, brass and bullets. But it's a need, if more people open carried or concealed carried, I believe.....I know crime would go down to nothing. Yes, you would have people who shot someone cause they got mad at them, it's gonna happen, hard truth! If you were gonna, say mug someone, you ain't gonna do it, if they're carrying and you can see it or think they may have one under a coat or in a purse. Or take your chances and see if you met Jesus. The "BAD" guys already have and will always have guns. Level the playing field and make them do some thinking, instead of just taking. we need guns and yes, ammo too.  

  • Richard Hennigan
    Richard Hennigan very well said, Bo. Thanks for sharing your story. there are a million others just like yours I'm sure.
    April 30, 2016 - 1 likes this
  • Gray Ghost
    Gray Ghost And again, very well said, Bo. Unfortunately we are seeing the foundation of the coming idiocracy being laid down by the Clintonian progressives. The guy in your blog who doesn't seem to comprehend the relationship between a factory load and a reload, is ...  more
    April 30, 2016 - 1 likes this
  • Gray Ghost
    Gray Ghost p.s., gun owners should emulate the government by buying up and hoarding as much ammo as they can!
    May 1, 2016 - 3 like this
  • Johnny Gearfire
    Johnny Gearfire Excellent article Bo...Excellent and to the point!
    May 1, 2016 - 1 likes this