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  • Pumping Before Intercourse – Is It Worth Doing?

    The basic answer is absolutely – yes! I have utilized the Bathmate various circumstances before getting physically involved with my accomplice and she cherishes it. Subsequent to having a warm s...
  • Understanding Bathmate Hydromax Pumps Deeper that is safe, comf

    While there are so many ways to living liveliness to the fullest, one of the most comical and enticing ways is to have lithe sex as much as realizable. That is doable to the max, once you are using re...
  • Gott'a have one to go with the other!

    I own a small ammo manufacturing business, S.I.S.R. Ammo. It's doing alright, like all business I want it to grow. Which bring me to why I'm telling you this. The other day, I was talking with some pe...
  • "Common" Men and Women

    What would you say or think if our current "president" thinks the "common man and woman are not able to manage or take care of their affairs without a sovereign leader!" And he doesn't mean GOD!  ...
  • Remember 911

    Posted on September 11, 2015 by Gun Pro Deals      I have been through two life changing days that I will never forget. I remember sitting and watching after President Kennedy wa...