What is GearfireHub? is a brand new social media platform specifically designed for lovers of all things firearms and outdoor sports. Until now, firearms and outdoor sports enthusiasts were sometimes limited on the content they could share on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Why GearfireHub? was created to break those limitations, and generate an online community for folks just like you (and your customers).


With, users can easily join for free as well as:
  • Post content as often as they like, with no restrictions on firearms.
  • Make new friends and interact with other users via general posts and comments, photos and videos, blogs and forums, and more
  • Browse classified and auction listings for new, used, and rare merchandise available.
  • Join interactive user groups to discuss and share ideas about their favorite topics.
  • Learn about hosted events in the firearms and outdoor sports industry, nation-wide.
  • And more!


You can sign up for free today at to start interacting with your customers.


As a member of NFDNetwork, we even reserved a Dealer Page on GearfireHub for your business! Use GearfireHub as a FREE marketing tool for your business.


Claim your dealer page here, and in just a few clicks you can:
  • Easily customize your dealer page to reflect the look and feel of your business
  • Generate traffic and sales to your NFDNetwork website with a “Shop Now” button.
  • Start promoting your store to everyone on the “Hub”!
How will my customers know about GearfireHub?
Simple! We’ve placed an advertisement on every NFDNetwork dealer’s website! Here it is:
Interesting Image
Every month, GearfireHub will be hosting a Consumer Loyalty Sweepstakes - prizes will include guns, ammunition, optics, accessories, etc. Expect great prizes from Ruger, Daniel Defense, Trijicon, Smith & Wesson and many more!


By clicking on the advertisement, an entry form will pop up. Once a user enters the sweepstakes, the pop up will close and the user will continue shopping on YOUR website!


Plus, GearfireHub users can earn additional entries into the sweepstakes by performing different activities:
  • Inviting friends to join GearfireHub via email
  • Sharing GearfireHub via other social media platforms
  • Making a purchase from YOUR NFDNetwork website!


Generate more buzz about your NFDNetwork website. Have your customers and friends to join GearfireHub simply by telling them they can win a Ruger!


NFDNetwork always goes above and beyond to provide you with the right tools to help make your website a success. GearfireHub is the best tool yet!  Together, we will take the social media world by storm.


We’ll see YOU at the Hub!