How Can A Shopper Accrue Points For Purchases On GearfireHub?

Does the purchaser have to be a GearfireHub member?
  • Yes, they have to have a profile on GearfireHub. It doesn't have to be a paid membership as they earn 1 point for every $1 spent as a basic/free member.
Does a store have to be a member of GearfireHub to earn points for their sales? Do they have to claim their page to earn points?
  • The only points awarded for product sales are awarded to NFDN Dealers and those sales must be made on the NFDN Dealers site.
The Dealer is awarded points for:
  • Any web orders placed by a consumer (and the consumer does NOT have to be a member of GFH) on his NFDN dealer website.
  • Any ASSEMBLY orders placed by the Dealer – This would be product the dealer orders directly from the distributor as inventory in his own store.