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The best 1911 for concealed carry

I decided to answer a question I’ve been getting asked a lot. “What’s the best 1911 for concealed carry?”

I think you’re wrong. Not far wrong though. The issue is sweat. Salt water. Aluminum on steel in a salt water bath produces galvanic corrosion. If a concealed carrier sweats, aluminum disolves (slowly, granted) into aluminum salts if the metal coatings wear through, as they will with any serious shooting.

After carrying a personal Commander (those were all aluminum-framed back then) in lieu of the issue 1911A1 in the Marines, the aluminum started turning into white goop. That particular salt water was mostly sea water. The SIG CCO I used for a year of IDPA was also carried for that year and white goop grew first behind the slide stop, then around the safety. Same story with an Ultra Carry II that I packed as a spook.

Sweat corrodes everything eventually, but it hits aluminum in contact with steel fast. I could also quibble with the .45/9mm issue, but won’t. 1911 frames in stainless steel (coated or not) corrode slowest and are most appropriate for a concealed carry gun. (Unless you never sweat.)

DW is a fine brand, Commander is a fine size. I totally agree on those choices.

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