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New Axelson Tactical A2 Blast Shield

Axelson Tactical has introduced a blast diverter for the A2 (birdcage) AR-15 flash hider. It is pretty easy to install on probably the most widespread AR-15 muzzle device. The A2 blast shield is made of 4130 steel with black nitride finish. The A2 blast shield consists of 4 parts: two keeper clips, a nut and the […] Read More … The post New Axelson Tactical A2 Blast Shield appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

Hrachya H

I was born and currently live in Armenia, where I work in a family business of leather goods manufacturing. Being a retired sergeant of my country’s armed forces and a lifelong firearms enthusiast, I always enjoy studying firearms design, technology and history. Also my knowledge of Russian allows me to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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